Most golfers have a “go-to” club or a “go-to” shot that they know that they can rely upon.  It might be a cut shot or a draw, a punch or a fade.  It might be your trusty hybrid or your confident wedge play, or perhaps your skillful application of the putter.  



Pressure comes from many corners.  You might think that you are immune to it, but that is usually when it rears its head and takes you by surprise.  Golfers feel pressure in different ways during different cycles of their golfing life.  No golfer, from beginner to hardened professional, escapes from the experience of pressure in this game.  Even when you think you have cracked it in a certain situation, it will still come back to challenge you yet again in a further mutated form!



Thus to have a go-to club that you feel completely confident with, and to have a go-to shot that you are equally confident in, are absolutely essential in this game.  Equally essential is to know that you have a go-to mental technique or strength that you can employ to help calm your nerves, relax your muscles, and allow you to zero in your focus.  



This might be the ability to breathe deeply and engage your core, or to apply mental blinkers and make your focus razor sharp, or to be able to visualize your planned shot with super clarity.  It might be your solid pre-shot routine or post-shot routine.  There are many different mental techniques.  



Just as your go-to club or go-to shot can change over time, so too will your go-to mental preference.  It therefore pays for a golfer to learn many mental skills and thus not be left in the lurch!  I like to think of mental strengths as a tool-kit that you take out with you onto the course and then you can pick out the one that most appeals to you in any set of circumstances.



Does you main strength work to calm your nerves, or to zero in your focus, or to fire you up and provide a killer instinct? In what circumstances do you need a mental skill most?  First tee nerves, finishing a round when you are shooting low, or when you are in the lead on the final day of a tournament?



Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.



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