Disappointment, like anxiety, is only present in your psyche when your focus is pointed in a direction that is not in the moment.  Anxiety can only be present if your attention is fixed in either the past of the future.  Disappointment rears its head when you are focused in the past.



If you allow yourself to dwell in the past, you will probably find that you expend quite a lot of your emotional energy in coping with negative feelings.  Not only that, you will deny yourself the opportunity of enjoying the things that are happening in the present moment.  Happiness is only truly experienced when your attention is firmly fixed in the present moment.



I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get your hopes up or enjoy the deliciousness of pleasant anticipation.  You should very definitely do so.  We all need to dream and imagine great things as a means of leading ourselves to moving forwards and reaching desired goals.  



But when those things don’t materialize it is important to not allow oneself to be overshadowed by the stormy black clouds of disappointment.  It’s time instead to see if there is a learning curve that you could benefit from and focus upon the silver lining that every cloud has hidden within.  



Bring your attention to the present and ask yourself what is great NOW?  What can you enjoy right NOW?  What valuable lesson have you learned?  What new goals can you set your heart upon?  How can you adjust your focus so as to attain your desires in a slightly different way?  Don’t give up.  Look for different methods that allow you to experience happiness now and in the future.



In life, if you want to be happy (And surely this is everyone’s desire?), you need to have a positive-positive attitude.  By this I mean you allow yourself to pursue your dreams wholeheartedly, to enjoy that anticipation to the full, but if “it” doesn’t happen you still look at your circumstances in a positive manner.  Your attitude allows you to always enjoy a win-win situation.



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