Today is the International Day for Happiness.  Therefore I thought it would be good for us to focus upon what makes us happy on a daily basis or perhaps for just a moment in time.



One of the key things about happiness is that if you focus upon things that make you happy you tend to be happy.  Needless to say, the opposite also holds true.  When you focus upon things that make you unhappy you tend to stay stuck in that rather uncomfortable rut.



Happiness, like beauty, really is in the eye of the beholder.  We all know people who seem to have everything and yet live their life in a fog of dissatisfaction, and we all know others who seem to have very little to be thankful for and yet always seem to be peaceful and happy.



In life we have many choices, even if we think that we do not.  The most basic choice of all, and that we are always free to make, is to choose our perspective in any situation or circumstance that we are confronted with.  Thus happiness is a choice that is open to us all.  



I know that I am painting a very black and white picture here, whereas life in reality presents many shades of grey.  But I’m sure you can appreciate the point that I am making.  



If you have a few things in your life that make you unhappy or sad, there will still be other things that make you happy.  There will also be parts of the things that make you unhappy that also have the ability to make you smile.  It is up to you to change the focus of your attention towards the things that make you happy and then you will be happy.



Some might say that this is more easily said than done.  And yet a change in mental focus is actually one of the easiest things to achieve.  You simply have to make a decision to do it.



So today, how about making a list of all of the things that make you happy?



Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to promote happiness.