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Self Improvement Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads

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What have you always longed for?  Make it happen today...


  • Are you content with every aspect of your life?
  • Is there a part of our life which you would like to change or improve?
  • Would you like to overcome the effect of previous negative experiences?


This series of positive hypnosis mp3 downloads are specifically produced to enable you to take control of your most powerful tool, your mind.


  • How would you like to have the confidence and belief to make important changes?
  • Harness the power of your mind to change your life forever.
  • Win in life and achieve success.
  • Stand out from the crowd and feel happy with your lot.


Whatever you want to do you will develop the necessary mind tools to do it as you listen to these powerful recordings.

Take your first positive steps to a new life today by downloading this life changing series of powerful hypnosis mp3 downloads.



Testimonials for RoseannaLeaton Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads

"Hi Roseanna

I just wanted to thank you for your Regenerating Love MP3 download. My partner and I have been together for over 20 years and our relationship had really begun to deteriorate to the point where we were starting to think that our future no longer lie together. All that seemed to be left were disagreements and recriminations. A toxic and difficult cycle to break.

Whilst looking for help, I found your website and bought the Regenerating Love mp3 and we both listened to it the same night. Straight away it was like someone had hit a pause button and we both felt calmer and much more rational. In just a few sessions we remembered the feelings that brought us together. If we have a difference of opinion now we are able to discuss it and find a resolution in a calm and respectful manner

Fantastic! I would recommend this recording to anyone struggling with relationship issues. Without it I am sure that we would not be together now.

Many thanks,"

Sue, UK, January 2011 READ MORE>>

"A recent purchase of 2 cd's fom you has improved my game. My putting improved dramatically from day 1 of listening and today it was superb. I have just ordered 3 more cd's and hope that in particular that the "Winning" cd will help. I can manage 40+ points in casual play but struggle to get over 30 points with a competition card in my hand.
I have played golf for over 30 years and although I am capable of playing quite good golf I am too inconsistent. I have had lessons over the years from numerous golf pros and have come to the conclusion that most of them are not very good at instruction. They rarely tell me anything that I am not aware of and so I resolved not to waste any more money on tuition. My putting has always been reasonable but since listening to your putting cd it has improved markedly. Anything under 6 feet now seems a dead cert. Looking at the hole,looking back at the ball and putting without hesitation seems strange at first but its uncanny how accurate the put becomes even from long range."
Amateur Golfer, Hampshire