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Sport Mind Training Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads

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It is universally accepted in sport that once you have learnt something and reached a particular level, your success will be 80% in the mind.

The thing which sets someone apart is the way in which you think.

  • How would you feel if you had clear focus?
  • Would you like to be able to Get in the Zone at will?
  • Imagine how much success you could achieve as you gain a solid mental edge.
  • How much easier would it be for you to win with the mind set of a professional?
  • Imagine the motivation you will feel as you know you will achieve greater success.

You will be the sportsperson who stands out from the rest as you use these powerful sports hypnosis recordings.


Testimonials for RoseannaLeaton Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads

"I already feel much less stressed about my upcoming IUI (today is cycle day 9 for me)...and even hopeful and anticipatory that it will work.

Admittedly, I was nervous and even a bit fearful of hypnotherapy because I wasn't confident, initially, that it fit with my Christian faith, values, and morals. After reading more about it on your FAQ page (as well as elsewhere on the internet), I decided to give it a go. I'm so glad that I did, because I realize that hypnotherapy, in and of itself, does not necessarily contradict my faith. I feel as though it only enhances my hope, thoughts, and outlook on life...and encourages me in the parts I can play, and contribute to, in my part in my life.

I hope that others will only benefit from reading these words, and at the very least, be prompted to investigate for themselves the science and processes of hypnotherapy and its potential to improve many areas of their lives without fear that it will interfere with their faith.

I am also deeply hoping to soon have the need to purchase the pregnancy MP3. I am very thankful to have come across your website.

There is an online infertility forum that I have been a part of for approximately one month, and this morning I told the members there about your website, and my new experiences with hypnotherapy. I urged them to at least try out the complimentary relaxation recording, because although it is not specific to infertility, I think it will be helpful. I hope that many are curious and brave enough to actually try it for themselves."


Jayne Seargeant (February 2010) READ MORE>>

"Hi Roseanna,




I have already bought your basic foundation CD, which is outstandingly professional. I am a little knowledgeable on NLP as I have used Tony Robbins material for many years.




I am wondering which way to proceed, should I be buying your products individually or going for the Mental Skills Toolkit as a package. You should know that I do intend to own every product you offer. "



Amateur Golfer