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It is universally accepted in sport that once you have learnt something and reached a particular level, your success will be 80% in the mind.

The thing which sets someone apart is the way in which you think.

  • How would you feel if you had clear focus?
  • Would you like to be able to Get in the Zone at will?
  • Imagine how much success you could achieve as you gain a solid mental edge.
  • How much easier would it be for you to win with the mind set of a professional?
  • Imagine the motivation you will feel as you know you will achieve greater success.

You will be the sportsperson who stands out from the rest as you use these powerful sports hypnosis recordings.


Testimonials for RoseannaLeaton Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads

"I am definitely listening to the tapes. Just won the Mexican senior amateur last week because of your tapes"






"Roseanna, here is a copy of the results of the New Zealand senior. I have now won three of my last 7 tournaments and finished second in three of the others. These tournaments were against high calibre players. THE REASON I HAVE PLAYED SO WELL IS I HAVE BEEN DILIGENTLY LISTENING TO YOUR TAPES, ESPECIALLY THE PUTTING AND THE TOURNAMENT PREP TAPE WHEN DRIVING TO THE COURSE. I have played 9 competitive rounds with only one double bogey and have only had one three putt in my last seven tournaments, while trying to make most of the putts."




Seniors Player, Florida


While I have not used the Roseanna Leaton hypnotic MP3s for very long, I already find them most helpful; they are very well presented and they give me hope and insight into my many problems.

As regards downloads: I am an older person (67) and not very computer literate - but I have managed to download and use all the MP3s I have bought. These are now in ITunes and on my Ipod so I can use them anywhere. I also used Winzip to unzip the files (this comes free from Winzip for 45 days). This was all new computer ground for me but I did it all without much difficulty.

Yours sincerely, Norman


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