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"I already feel much less stressed about my upcoming IUI (today is cycle day 9 for me)...and even hopeful and anticipatory that it will work.

Admittedly, I was nervous and even a bit fearful of hypnotherapy because I wasn't confident, initially, that it fit with my Christian faith, values, and morals. After reading more about it on your FAQ page (as well as elsewhere on the internet), I decided to give it a go. I'm so glad that I did, because I realize that hypnotherapy, in and of itself, does not necessarily contradict my faith. I feel as though it only enhances my hope, thoughts, and outlook on life...and encourages me in the parts I can play, and contribute to, in my part in my life.

I hope that others will only benefit from reading these words, and at the very least, be prompted to investigate for themselves the science and processes of hypnotherapy and its potential to improve many areas of their lives without fear that it will interfere with their faith.

I am also deeply hoping to soon have the need to purchase the pregnancy MP3. I am very thankful to have come across your website.

There is an online infertility forum that I have been a part of for approximately one month, and this morning I told the members there about your website, and my new experiences with hypnotherapy. I urged them to at least try out the complimentary relaxation recording, because although it is not specific to infertility, I think it will be helpful. I hope that many are curious and brave enough to actually try it for themselves."


Jayne Seargeant (February 2010)

Dear Roseanna


Just a little note to thankyou for all of your help.  I am feeling much better and although I have up and down moments, so does any normal person!!  Anyways, thanks again for your cd.


Kind regards,




"...I feel as if I can do things now, like I'm ready to do things now.  Its amazing how different I feel and how quickly it worked;  I've only been playing the cd for a few days..."



“It is exactly what I needed/need to help with my overall ennui. I would recommend to anybody feeling weary or couldn't- be- bothered but with an improved fitness goal all the same. It seemed like an impossibility so I am so glad I found your site.”

Emma Ballantyne (UK, June 2010)


That was the best guided meditation I have ever done and I have done many of them. Energy was flowing from head to toe in waves. You have such a beautiful voice. I will listen every night before I go to sleep.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent"

Mark King (USA, March 2010)

"If like me you treat websites in general with a degree of caution if not scepticism; then you will be relieved to know that based on my experience with you are in for a most pleasant surprise.

My partner has suffered with a complete lack of self-confidence for well over a decade. So bad was her condition that she reluctantly took early retirement as a teacher.

Together we have seen her doctor on numerous occasions as well as several psychologists, all to no avail.

I came across Roseanna's website whilst looking for a local hypnotherapist and immediately the advantages of my partner being able to participate when convenient for her and without all the tribulations and certain embarrassment of having to relate her problems to a stranger was apparent.

I had briefly experimented with hypnotism in my late teens so knew it was a very powerful tool.

Notwithstanding my partner did not initially take to the style of Roseanna's Hypnotic Therapy and I wrote to her customer support team asking if I could possibly cancel my order and be afforded a refund.

To be honest I did not expect to receive anything but the usual denial typical of so many websites; so imagine my surprise when an email from Roseanna herself arrived.

Furthermore she gave me a refund with no questions asked and then went on to suggest that my partner persevered with the therapy.

If that was not enough I received a further email from Roseanna a little time later apologising for her earlier brief response to my cancellation email.

Regardless of having given me a full refund she added further advice and recommendations for my partner with regard to how and when she listened to her hypnosis therapy tapes.

I am pleased to report that my partner has since followed Roseanna's kind advice and is starting to feel the benefits after just three half hour sessions.

For my part, I would now willing pay fourfold for Roseanna's e-Therapy courses secure in the knowledge that they are so effective and that she herself is a genuine, forthright professional."

Christopher - West Yorkshire UK, March 2012

Photo of Paul Eales - European Tour Professional

It took me many years of heart ache and hours of time hitting thousands and thousands of golf balls before I realised that, without the correct mindset, you can't get any where near maximising your potential.


A library full of books on the sporting mind as well as time spent with accredited golf psychologists still didn't quite get me into my ideal sporting performance state. Then I was asked to listen to some CD's produced by Roseanna.


For the first time in my search the impact was not only massive but immediate. The well presented, ordered course covered "stuff" I had heard before. But this time just by listening to Roseanna and following the programme, my state changed and allowed me to play without the negative, destructive self-talk that had plagued me from an early age.


I would strongly advice any golfer who's serious about improving their game to get involved in Roseanna's CD presentation and see the immediate results.


You can't afford not to.


Paul Eales
European Tour Professional. BBC TV and Setanta TV Golf Reporter

"Hi Roseanna,




I have already bought your basic foundation CD, which is outstandingly professional. I am a little knowledgeable on NLP as I have used Tony Robbins material for many years.




I am wondering which way to proceed, should I be buying your products individually or going for the Mental Skills Toolkit as a package. You should know that I do intend to own every product you offer. "



Amateur Golfer

"Right now I am averaging 29 putts per round for my last four rounds (since listening to your CD on a regular basis).  I have 18 months of previous data (two rounds per week) that shows my putting average at 36 putts per round". 


Amateur Golfer, Hawaii

"I have been listening to your CD on the short game and found it very helpful.There's still a long way to go for me I know, but I went out on Sunday with a stableford card in my hand and scored on every hole (first time for I don't know how long!), got 39 pts and cut my handicap down from 24.1 to 22.5.


I owe it all to you for getting me into a better frame of mind and feeling more confident of achieving better shots. Thanks so much."


Amateur Golfer

"I, like many other golfers have been in search for the holy grail of golf, I think I have found it! I play off 20, but since listening to the first 3 cd's I am playing off about 15, I am much calmer and find it easier to visualize. I must admit, I do have experience with the techniques as I also am an NLP Practitioner, but can say the methods used are great.


Good luck with your prog. It's woth all every penny, especially as I now win competetions ;-)"


Amateur golfer

"A recent purchase of 2 cd's fom you has improved my game. My putting improved dramatically from day 1 of listening and today it was superb. I have just ordered 3 more cd's and hope that in particular that the "Winning" cd will help. I can manage 40+ points in casual play but struggle to get over 30 points with a competition card in my hand.
I have played golf for over 30 years and although I am capable of playing quite good golf I am too inconsistent. I have had lessons over the years from numerous golf pros and have come to the conclusion that most of them are not very good at instruction. They rarely tell me anything that I am not aware of and so I resolved not to waste any more money on tuition. My putting has always been reasonable but since listening to your putting cd it has improved markedly. Anything under 6 feet now seems a dead cert. Looking at the hole,looking back at the ball and putting without hesitation seems strange at first but its uncanny how accurate the put becomes even from long range."
Amateur Golfer, Hampshire

"I am definitely listening to the tapes. Just won the Mexican senior amateur last week because of your tapes"






"Roseanna, here is a copy of the results of the New Zealand senior. I have now won three of my last 7 tournaments and finished second in three of the others. These tournaments were against high calibre players. THE REASON I HAVE PLAYED SO WELL IS I HAVE BEEN DILIGENTLY LISTENING TO YOUR TAPES, ESPECIALLY THE PUTTING AND THE TOURNAMENT PREP TAPE WHEN DRIVING TO THE COURSE. I have played 9 competitive rounds with only one double bogey and have only had one three putt in my last seven tournaments, while trying to make most of the putts."




Seniors Player, Florida

"I have to say just how blown away by these products I really am, I have been playing for just over 2 years now and through dedication have got a round average of 11 but my game has allways held a high degree of fluctuation. 


Since using the products I have just received I am really excited primarily about how much more relaxed and focused I am while playing and swinging still being able to enjoy all the banter with the guys. These CD's have instilled a real calm into all areas of my game, filling me with confidence and WOW does the score now take care of itself, I shot a round of 78 today on a par 71 course. I HAVE FINALLY BROKEN 80 and the best is yet to come. 


You will ofcourse be receiving regular updates on my progression, congratulations on your outstanding achievements."


Kind Regards,
Amateur Golfer

"Finding them very useful - certainly giving me more confidence and control than before. Will let you know when my handicap falls below 10!!!"



Amateur golfer

I'm very happy with the CD's and they have been useful and I believe will support me in reaching my goal of playing off 7 by the end of the year."



Amateur golfer
Photo of Ken - Amateur Golfer and Sports Writer

Magic is supposed to be an illusion. Roseanna Leaton's Golfer Within is anything but. It is a reality, an incredible reality, that after a few short weeks of listening to her CDs I am living my own fantasy. I can putt. And more than that, I now like putting. In fact, I think I LOVE putting!



In five long, bitter, demoralising years my handicap rose from 1.4 to 5.5. Any Category One player will tell you that such an experience, for whatever reason, makes you want to quit. I did. Many times. I wanted to walk away because I lost my putting stroke. I lost my touch. I lost my faith in golf. I almost lost the will to play the game.



I continued, blindly, for one reason and one reason only. I hoped that somewhere, somehow, something or someone would come along and save me. From myself. From giving up the game I had played man and boy for almost fifty years. In the end I was almost as afraid of quitting the game as I was of walking onto a green. What, in life, could ever make up for my sporting passion? How could the void in my heart, even if it was broken, be filled? And I would always consider myself to have given up. To have been a quitter.



Now I'm back down to 4 handicap. I'm aiming for 3. I can see myself off 2.



Not only can I putt, I am a happier individual, more laid-back, more accepting of all the black things that can happen in a round of golf. Now I look for the positive. Negativity no longer has me bubble-wrapped.



Roseanna's CDs are far more than about putting. She ranges across the game and, more importantly, across the mentality of the game. There is something in her work for everyone. From top pro to the lowliest hacker, there are things to be learned from her teachings and advice.



I'm not out of the woods yet. I am, after all, only part of the way down the road to recovery. But I have Roseanna's route map. It has already directed me through lands once discovered but, I feared, never to be visited again. Yet I make my journey with a heart full of hope and (I can smile when I say this to myself) ambition. Best of all, perhaps, is that I now play golf for golf's sake. For the fun of it. Most especially, for the magic of it.



Amateur Golfer and Sports Writer
Photo of Kendal McWade - Instinctive Golf founder and European Tour Coach

I had the good fortune to meet Roseanna Leaton in the early part of 2006 at Royal Lytham Golf Club where she was working with a good friend of mine, European Tour player Paul Eales.



It was immediately apparent during that chance meeting that what Roseanna had to say was different. She was incredibly knowledgeable about her subject of sports psychology and NLP, but so were all the other mental coaches I’d ever met, and I had met a few whilst working on the European Tour. It wasn’t so much the knowledge that she had, as the way she communicated it. Her honesty and understanding of the challenges that golfers face was incredible, and I discovered that it was borne out of the fact she herself was walking her talk.



Roseanna is a totally committed golfer, experiencing all the mental hurdles that this amazing game puts in our way, and to me that hands on experience is what separates the good from the great. I want a fitness coach to be fit, I want a golf coach who can display the skills he is trying to coach, and I want a sports psychologist who is facing and beating the golfing demons that too easily reside in our heads. Roseanna Leaton does exactly that, and I would thoroughly recommend that you listen to her tapes and her advice.



Kendal McWade
Instinctive Golf founder and European Tour Coach

"by the way I LOVE your downloads...I got my husband hooked as well!…

and I am so happy I found your services and the gift you provide to others online!"

Elissa, NJ, USA April 2012

"Thankyou so much. The stop nail biting is great".

Bronwyn Hartley (march 2010)

"Having decided throwing my clubs around with my own frustrations wasn't helping the golf game the "stop getting angry" has really helped on the golf course. I am actually playing calmer, more controlled, and better golf, a friend even commented that my swing was much smoother and controlled. Seems to have worked wonders, thanks for that! Oh, and in life, I really don't get wound up as much as I used to. That traffic jam, or delayed train or the bill in the post don't stress me as much anymore. I have recommended you to some friends, they could do with some help ;-)"



Hi. I have purchased the swimmming confidence download and its seems to be working so thank you so much... Thanks for your wonderful downloads.

Well today after 7 years of trying I actually swam 5 metres which was a great success. So much so people at the pool are asking me about the downloads and are interested themselves, I think because they can see proof that it does work. I will pass your website on to them in the hope they get the same success.

Susan Fearn (UK, August 2010)

I bought the sleep well recording and, following repeated listening, have noticed that the quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I no longer wake every 2 hours or so, and am more alert and relaxed in the morning. I was quite sceptical of hypnosis and the claims made for it prior to listening to the recording, but have now changed my mind.

I really appreciate that the programming has worked on me and after several years of poor sleep, I am getting a good night's rest.

Thank you very much! Tim Wood (UK, August 2010)

"Hi Roseanna. I absolutely loved the free relaxation session. I've been interested in hypnosis for some time now. I've listened to a lot of free hypnosis sessions but I thought your's was absolutely fantastic. I'm doing my best to listen to it daily, it's only been three days and I'm already noticing changes, so thank you. "
Paul, UK

" having had the opportunity to have a listen to each of the programs I had to let you know how impressed I am. No wonder they cost more than the others available on iTunes; the difference is night and day. To borrow a line from "Yes, Prime Minister" your program is "What Harrods would send". My only regret is that I decided, for reasons of cost, not to go for the whole program."

Allan McDonald, Edinburgh

"Have had very good success with the Golf Mental Skills Toolkit. Prior to using it, my handicap was 19.2 (USGA) but since listening to the recordings, I have had 2 recent rounds of 79 and 81 - the best 2 rounds of the past 5 years. Thank you so much!

I am a recreational golfer. I checked and I have been using the golf recordings for about 7 weeks, but when I shot the 79 (matching my best score ever in 35 years of playing golf) I had been through the series only once. No more first tee anxiety. I seem to have much more resilience after a poor shot or disappointing hole. Golf is so much more enjoyable now.

Based on this success, I have just purchased your Weight Management program. I have tried hypnosis and NLP for that in the past without much effect. But I expect this to be helpful. Thanks so much for creating quality products."

David Wilson, Kansas, USA. July 2012

"I am very pleased to inform you that following a home based detox programme I have been alcohol free now for over a month and my cravings have subsided greatly. Although I still needed the assistance of other professionals, and continue to attend a 'one on one' talking based therapy programme, I feel certain that you, and your hypnosis/NLP approach have been of great assistance in getting me to make the decision to quit and to continue to remain free of alcohol in the long term.

Listening to your recording on a regular basis has without doubt changed my thoughts towards alcohol and my use of the substance. Your words, and if I may be so bold to add the compliment, your soothing voice, have made the process of giving up alcohol, a lot less traumatic than I could of imagined - to say the least.

I would just like to say thank you very very much for the help that you have given me through your recordings over a very difficult and challenging period in my life.

My intentions now are to begin to enjoy my life again without the use of alcohol and to never get trapped again into thinking that drinking helps. It simply does not.

Many, many thanks again for your help and I wish you a wonderful future."

Paul, January 2010

"I have the mp3 to help me deal with my husband’s snoring, and I love it. Great work!

My husband has always had a snoring problem. Eight years ago, he underwent surgery in an effort to stop the snoring…while the surgery did help, he still snores at times. When we are at home, I can go to the guest room and get a good night’s sleep. However, when we are on vacation, I have no place to retreat to; I have had to suffer through long nights of very little sleep.

I began using the hypnosis .mp3 to reduce my sensitivity to snoring about two months ago. The results have been so positive, my husband has even noticed, and suggested the .mp3 to other couples who have similar issues. I love the calming affect Roseanna’s voice has on me, and am very much looking forward to beginning her treatment for food cravings!"

Janet Cooper, February 2010

"I was thrilled we were able to get the download, yeah!!! I listened to it last night and when I woke up I was more relaxed than I've ever felt before in my life! It was a pretty wild experience to have you speaking something different in each ear simultaneously! I felt like I was in a crowd of people. I was awakened a few times from some of my husband's snoring but, I fell back to sleep immediately because I was so relaxed! With such great progress in one night on my end, I'm confident we're on the right track! I do want my husband to get the download for the "snorer" and hopefully together this issue will be resolved once and for all. Thanks again for your help and I'll keep you posted on how we do!!

And hopefully, in a few weeks/months I'll be writing back to say snoring is no longer an issue and we can sleep in the same bed together!!

Christine Romanoskie, New Jersey, December 2010

I'd just like to say thank you.I knew my excess weight was not caused by over eating but by chocolate and had even managed to give it up for 6 months in the past.

After finding your site when I was searching for something to help me stop eating chocolate again I bought the mp3 download and haven't looked back. I was at my heaviest in November last year. I listened to your recording and have not touched chocolate since. Now two stone lighter I still have no urge to eat chocolate. I just have no feelings one way or the other for it. The magic is that anything I now think is not so good for me I can give up without pain! Many thanks.

I've now got to listen to the exercise motivation download. I hope it works as well. Sue

Susan Lewis (June 2010)

Thank you so much! I love your recordings, the Stop Chocolate Cravings worked very quickly and amazingly well for me.

Thank you again,

Linda Trust (March 2013)

"Hi Roseanna,Loved the blushing programCheers, Mary"Mary Manns (March 2010)
"Hi Roseanna

I just wanted to thank you for your Regenerating Love MP3 download. My partner and I have been together for over 20 years and our relationship had really begun to deteriorate to the point where we were starting to think that our future no longer lie together. All that seemed to be left were disagreements and recriminations. A toxic and difficult cycle to break.

Whilst looking for help, I found your website and bought the Regenerating Love mp3 and we both listened to it the same night. Straight away it was like someone had hit a pause button and we both felt calmer and much more rational. In just a few sessions we remembered the feelings that brought us together. If we have a difference of opinion now we are able to discuss it and find a resolution in a calm and respectful manner

Fantastic! I would recommend this recording to anyone struggling with relationship issues. Without it I am sure that we would not be together now.

Many thanks,"

Sue, UK, January 2011

Hi Roseanna , 

I have enjoyed most of the sessions at the moment I am on session 8 .
The first few really inspired me then I could not wait to finish my week of session 5 , I found this one difficult to listen to.

My weight is going down and until this week I have not craved anything sweet but over the weekend I have been under a lot of pressure and easy to go for the quick sweet snack.

But I hope that I am on the straight and narrow again , as I approach my second period since starting the session it will be a testing time for me .

I feel great ,I have more energy and feel so much better about myself .
My colleagues have all notice the difference .

I thank you for your help , I am so pleased I found your web site .

Kind Regards .
Diane .

"I have noticed that people react differently to me..all my relationships are better..

Mary Manns (April 2010)

"I downloaded your “Taking Risks” program yesterday and was extremely impressed with the quality and content of your program. From my perspective, your products are amongst the best available."

Kirk, California (March 2012)

Hi Roseanna,

You will be almost as pleased as I am to know that your download (Chatting Up the Girls) really works! I have previously listened to a couple of other self-hypnosis mp3s on other issues but they just seem to talk around the problem involved instead of addressing it directly as you do. Your practical approach is much more suited to the way I think and therefore works for me.

Peter, Denmark, 2011

"Your recordings are some of the best I have come across, the scripts are so well thought, it hit the problem from every angle. Thank you"

(in the now, sexual confidence for men, swimming confidence, stop swearing, chatting up the girls)

Migel Krizi, March 2012, Co Kerry, Ireland

"My previous purchases, Winning, Putting and Short Game, have helped get me from a 14 handicap to an 8. My goal is 5 or less, so hopefully this latest download will get me there.

I've tried several other hypnosis programs, but yours are the most professionally done and very effective. I started seeing and feeling improvement in my game and emotions almost immediately.

Like you I love the game, probably to the point of obsession. I even love to practice, which I do almost daily. Not being one to do anything half way, every night I fall asleep listening with headphones and my player set to repeat, so I'm listening until I wake up. I call it my golf immersion program.

My best wishes for your continued success and I look forward to any new editions you produce."

Linda Arns (June 2010, USA)

"Ms. Leaton: I'm a Dir of Instruction at Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort and bought the yips mp3 for a student. She has experienced her 1st event after the tape and didn't yip and putted wonderful in 2 days. Her confidence has done a 360. Due to her success I'm considering other Mp3 for my students, would u consider a total golf package mp3 to sell? Thanks 4 making me look good and helping a friend succeed! "

Dawn Mercer

Dir of Instruction at Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort

"After two years of serious chipping issues I had worked hard on my technique and had a very sound "practice swing" but something was holding me back. As a 5 handicapper, poor chipping meant I was unable to compete any longer unless I hit every green! I turned to NLP and subsequently hypnosis and after one session with Roseanna's chipping yips product my fear was removed. I cannot recommend her material highly enough. This comes from a true golf geek who has searched the internet and knows more about technique than anyone other than David Leadbetter should."

Gareth Jones, UK (July 2010)

"I have purchased 2 downloads from you thus far, one for swimming confidence and one for healthy eating. 

I am a hypnotherapist and am amazed and thrilled listening to your downloads.  Just talking to a client works well enough but using confusional therapy is amazing.  

I have now started swimming and my confidence is slowly developing, I have wanted to swim all my life and I am so pleased with my progress.  

As for the eat well, I have only listened to it a couple of times and feel really good about myself and not only am i not feeling hungry but I am not eating sweet things, I've even given up sweeteners in my tea.  

Thank you so much, wish I could manage 3 conversations all at the same time when I am with my clients.

I am now going to purchase your quit smoking download for my daughter. I have done 3 sessions with her and she gives up for a while and then starts again, I am convinced that your way of conducting a session with work much better than I can ever do.  

Thank you once again."

Sarah, UK. July 2012

While I have not used the Roseanna Leaton hypnotic MP3s for very long, I already find them most helpful; they are very well presented and they give me hope and insight into my many problems.

As regards downloads: I am an older person (67) and not very computer literate - but I have managed to download and use all the MP3s I have bought. These are now in ITunes and on my Ipod so I can use them anywhere. I also used Winzip to unzip the files (this comes free from Winzip for 45 days). This was all new computer ground for me but I did it all without much difficulty.

Yours sincerely, Norman

The products I purchased are amazing. I started listening to them last night I have roughly a hundred hypnosis recordings and I've spent 10 years finding out as much as I can about hypnosis and how it can help people make amazing positive changes in their lives.

I'm a freelance journalist and I write on health, alternative health, yoga, education and parenting for national magazines and online media. I've met and interviewed some wonderful people during the ten years I've been finding out about hypnosis, so, you could say I've got some idea about what makes a great hypnosis recording or set of recordings and I am really impressed with the quality of your recordings. They've helped me feel better after what has been a tough week for me workwise.

Yours sincerely, Martin

Roseanna... your work is brillant everything is flowing wonderfully and better.
(April 2010)

"I bought your golfers series and I have gone from a 16 handicap down to a 5 in the past 2 years with the help of your cd's. I think you are amazing."

Kat Marryshow Katawczik (September 2015)

"I'm a big fan and I love your work. Your recordings have helped me in many ways - thank you!"


Joshua Zerkel

September 2013

"The benefits from this are far deeper and more powerful than anything else I have used for meditation or savasana (relaxation). "

Trish Power, Yoga instructor at Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club

"Hi Roseanna,

Just wanted to thank you for your download that you gave me. I listen to it Daily and it has really helped me cope with the trials and tribulations of life. It has helped me to De-stress my life.

Recently I just got out of the hospital due to my having a Hip Replacement. I took my laptop with me and listened to the wonderful meditation. It helped me to relax and mellow out while I was there.

You are a great lady and I am glad that you have become a part of my life.

Wishing you all the best

Regards Steve"

Steve McKay, October 2013